TRANSQUOTABLE DOCUMENT.  This document and server support live quotation, or transclusion, with immediate access to the quotation's original context.
Click here for a sample quotation in a new window (quote-window).  Note that from it you can jump at once to the original context by clicking on the "trans".  You may also see the full transcopyright notice by clicking on the "©".

Click here for an example that opens in this window.  We regret that current Web formats do not make it easily possible to bring the transquotation into the body of a Web page.

YOU TOO have transcopyright permission to transclude, or quote dynamically, from this article.  A simple URL will bring open any selection you choose from your Web page.

To bring a transquotation into the current window, simply select a span URL from the span selection page, and put it into your page source as a link destination.  Your selected quotation (of any length) will be brought live from the original, and the user may easily see the original context of your selection.  It will normally open in your current window.

To open a transquotation in another window, use the Javascript following this paragraph.  First get the URL for your desired quotation from the span selection page (above) and plug it into the following script instead of "XXXX" in the following script.  Replace "YYYY" in the following script with the text you want to make clickable to open the quote-window.

<a href="#" onclick="'XXXX', 'snerd', 'width=666,height=444, scrollbars');">YYYY</a>