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Transquotation-- delivering a portion of a document with context available-- is being brought to you by the Eprints server, developed and maintained at the University of Southampton.  The Eprints server is an open-source archiving and document delivery server in widespread use.  Transquotation is a little-known feature of Eprints still labelled "experimental," but now widely deployed and generally available in the latest versions of the Eprints server software.  It is turned on by default.

I would especially like to thank Chris Gutteridge, programmer extraordinary; Prof. Steven Harnad, the founder of the project; and Wendy Hall, chair of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science.

Design: Ted Nelson and Chris Gutteridge
Implementation: Chris Gutteridge
Language: Perl
Transquotation has always been a feature of Xanadu® hypertext designs, but adapting them to the opposite hypertext methods of the Web has required considerable work and adaptation.  Special thanks also to those who participated in my transquotation projects at Keio University in Japan, including especially: Dean Nobuo Saito; Professors Hajime Ohiwa and Kenji Naemura; student programmers Yousuke Igarashi, Ken'ichi Unnai, Yoshihide Chubachi; Andrew Pam, Ed Harter, Marlene Mallicoat, and others too numerous to mention.
-- Ted Nelson